What Is A Styleguide?

styleguide is part of a design system which is the shared language that defines who you are, how you are perceived in order to create compelling experience across screens, devices, and people. The focus is on unity, cohesiveness, and connectedness. It contains documentation covering a set of shared practices and guidelines on how to correctly implement a design system correctly.

Simply a styleguide visually defines the way a brand will look and feel which helps keep design elements consistent and uniform across all marketing touch points ( ie website, business cards, stationary, etc. ).

Think of it as the visual DNA of your branding.


Oswald – Headlines

Oswald is a free, open-source sans-serif typeface available through Google Fonts. It is based off the classic gothic and grotesque styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Oswald is available in light, normal and bold weights.

Nunito Sans – Body Copy

Nunito is an open source font licensed free from Google Fonts. It is a well balanced sans serif typeface superfamily, with 2 versions: The project began with Nunito, as a rounded terminal sans serif for display typography. Jacques Le Bailly extended it to a full set of weights, and an accompanying regular non-rounded terminal version, Nunito Sans.





Color Palette

38, 207, 124

134, 134, 134

21, 20, 20