Behind every glamorous hairstyle worn by a celebrity, is a great hairstylist who styled those tresses to perfection. Adrianne Michelle is one such celebrity hairstylist, with an impressive and still growing portfolio. For Adrianne, art and hair intertwine, especially when it comes down to her own creativity. Her specialty is styling baby hairs, with her paintbrush being the edge control brush she uses. She considers herself “ahead of her time,” and likes to add that extra oomph to everything she creates.

From styling braids either from a ponytail or even intertwining bandana cloth into a style, Adrianne likes to create looks that are fresh and haven’t been seen anywhere before. Take for example, using money hair rollers to style Afropunk artist, Tiana Major 9. Additionally, one of her favorite clients to work with is rapper Saweetie. “She’s got style, she’s smart,” but most importantly, when they work together Adrianne’s creative vision shines through and together, they set trends.

Adrianne’s journey as a hairstylist has no doubt been unpredictable. Having been in the game for 13 years, she admits that she’s recently gotten to the point where she feels comfortable enough to offer her own criticisms and suggestions whenever she’s on set. Although it feels as if it took her too long to become fearless, Adrianne hopes to encourage other women, especially black women, who may be in the same position that she once was.

She hopes that from her story, others are encouraged to also believe that they too can reach positions that they never imagined possible. Most importantly, as a single mom, she hopes that her two sons can witness a strong woman who is constantly innovating and is unstoppable, no matter what life throws her way.